April Kincaid

April is recently married to her husband, Matt, and lives in the Columbus area. She holds a degree in office administration and has worked as a finance clerk. She enjoys playing the piano, reading, walking her dog, and cooking. When April was in sixth grade, she portrayed the Statue of Liberty in a play and had to practice holding her arm up for a really long time. Now that’s perseverance!

Julie VanWormer

Julie is a mother to six children and currently a substitute teacher with the Evergreen School district. She enjoys reading, history podcasts, and crocheting. She loves being with people, especially sitting around the kitchen table with her favorite people, her family. Julie is a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate.

Jennifer Clark

Jennifer studied architecture in college and enjoys design, art, and finding ways to mix old and new. She takes pleasure in being home with her children, who range in age from a freshman in high school to a one-year-old. Jennifer inherited the unfortunate ability to hear people blinking, or, as she calls it, eyelids smacking. Now that is crazy!

Rachele Mickel

Rachele enjoys baking and is a big fan of basketball, though she doesn’t play it herself. Despite her lack of athleticism, Rachele really enjoys barbell dates with her husband. It’s no wonder that Rachele’s life includes sports- she is a mom to seven boys!

 Diane Walls

Diane is a retiree who has two grown children and a plethora of grandchildren. She enjoys knitting, camping, baking, and being a grandma. Diane has trouble talking on the phone because she cannot use her hands, so she feels like she only has half her voice.

Grace Brown

Grace is a nurse turned stay-at-home mom of three. She enjoys reading and taking walks. While many people prefer driving without distractions, Grace needs conversation, music, or food so she doesn’t overthink her driving.

Abbi Bellas

Abbi is a licensed social worker and works at Heartbeat of Toledo. She loves being with her nieces and nephew and has many interests including drawing, cooking, finding deals, camping, pranking, singing in her car, and avoiding bugs, just to name a few. Interestingly, Abbi can track someone down on the Internet with only a first name!

Allison Daugherty

Allison, or Alli as many call her, enjoys house projects, reading the first half of books, and Mexican food. She also takes great pleasure in mowing the lawn. While she studied entrepreneurship and family business in college, she also has an interest in genealogy and family history. But her favorite interest is her hubby of 15 years and her kids.

Kim Lechman

Kim works full time as an RN. She enjoys knitting with friends, needlework, and exploring small towns and flea markets with her husband. Kim also loves Mary Poppins and her practically perfect ways, and firmly believes that everything is better with sprinkles!

Julie Morgan

Julie is a nurse turned chauffeur for her children. When she is not driving them to various activities, she loves reading with them. Julie has a medically small mouth, which resulted in her having to have seven of her permanent teeth removed. Even so, her friends would likely say that she has a big mouth!