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Living In Reality

Andrea Van Engen, LeeAnn Thomas, Aleaha Bayly, and Adrienne Miklovic

In our world of distractions and attractions, it can be easy to take our focus off of what is real. To live lives that honor God, it’s important that our relationships are authentic and our focus is eternal. Andrea, LeeAnn, Aleaha, and Adrienne will share about ways you can be grounded in truth. Together we can learn what it looks like to Live in Reality.

Breakout Sessions

Living for God on Campus

Madeleine Drees

Whether you’re a high school student or in college, campus is one of the hardest places to stand firm in your faith. How do you share your love for God in a place where so much of what you encounter seems to go against Him? Madeleine will encourage you to shine the light of Jesus in your life as a student.

Trusting God to Keep His Promises

Wendy Foulke

God is faithful to His promises, but sometimes we can struggle to know or believe them.  In whatever circumstances you are facing, whether it’s a time of joy or a difficult trial, Wendy will point you to God’s promises and encourage you to walk in them by faith.

Leaving a Spiritual Legacy

Nell Maser

Paul told his readers to “Follow me as I follow Christ.” As Christians, it’s important that we create a life that will inspire those who come after us to follow Christ. Nell will share ways to impact our families, friends, and neighbors so that they will glorify God for generations to come.

Joyfully Surviving: Living with Illness

Michelle Holder

Serious illness is a hard reality that many people face. But chronic diseases or unexpected diagnoses do not have to bring us to despair. If you or a loved one are dealing with a health crisis, you will be encouraged by Michelle’s faith in the Lord through her own chronic illness.

Real World Parenting Challenges

Sharon Ahrendt

The life of every parent is filled with both joys and trials. From unmet expectations to navigating technology to rebellion, we face challenges with our children that we didn’t see coming. Sharon will share from her experiences of motherhood and encourage moms to trust God along the way.

Straight Talk on Gender

Cheryl Bayly

Today’s culture has embraced many views on gender and sexuality that are contrary to Biblical truths. As Christians it is important that we live by what is true while showing the love of Christ to all people. Cheryl will teach us how to navigate this challenging subject with grace and truth.

Not Your Cookie-Cutter Life

April Cline

What do you do when the life you had hoped for is not the life you are given? When singleness persists, marriages end, or families are broken, it can be hard to find hope in the Lord. April will help you see how your desires can align with God’s desires and you can live life to the fullest no matter your circumstances.

Living Devoted: Passionate for Christ

Bronwyn Ruczko

Do you find yourself wanting more of God but not knowing where to start? Perhaps you desire to be more passionate about Jesus, but don’t know what that looks like in the day-to-day routines of life. Bronwyn will challenge us to live lives that are fervently committed to Christ no matter what our role.


andreaAndrea Van Engen

Andrea Van Engen loves to be in action, especially on sunny days. Philippians 1:6 is one of her favorite  scriptures because it reminds her of the truth that God has changed her heart and will continue to work in her. Rainy days will find her and her children staying in and having a pajama day, taking breaks from their work to read from the large pile of library books that is always on hand.

aleahaAleaha Bayly

Aleaha Bayly strives to live gracefully in all her relationships and to teach her children to do the same. The promises in Romans 8:32 have helped her realize God’s graciousness to all His children, and she rejoices that He promises to continue to be that way. Sunny days find her spending time with her family, building with Legos, reading them books, and going on walks at Metroparks.

sharonSharon Ahrendt

Sharon Ahrendt’s children range from 7 to 26 years old.  As she has parented, she has seen how God’s plan has always been best, even when it was not her plan. She takes refuge in Psalm 5:11-12, that God spreads His protection over his children and covers them with favor as a shield. Rainy days will find her reading with her kids and listening to the rain hit the windows.

michelleMichelle Holder

Michelle Holder has always been able to count on Joshua 1:9, God’s command to not fear or tremble, because she knows the Lord is with her wherever she goes. Diagnosed with a chronic illness at age 17, she has not let that get in her way as she enjoys biking, walking, and gardening on sunny days. Rainy days find her baking with one of her daughters or cuddling with one of her foster babies.

nell Nell Maser

Nell Maser is a mother to three adult children, and a teacher at a local homeschool assist program. Her favorite scripture is Galatians 4:4-5, which shows God’s perfect timing in sending his Son so that we might be adopted into His family. Sunny days may find Nell working in the flower garden or painting with watercolors.

maddieMadeleine Drees

One of Madeleine Drees’s favorite scriptures is 1 Peter 4:11-12, which shows her that she should use the gifts God has given her to serve others for God’s glory. Madeleine puts this into practice by co-leading a Bible study at Bowling Green State University, where she is a second-year graduate student. When the weather is nice, she spends as much time as possible outside, and on rainy days she never uses an umbrella.

leeannLeeAnn Thomas

LeeAnn Thomas enjoys watching her kids train 4H animals and taking lots of pictures to scrapbook someday. She loves Exodus 34:6-7, where the Lord reveals His own character to us, and she is reminded of who she belongs to and how great He is. Rainy days are LeeAnn’s favorite time to snuggle in front of the fireplace or watch a Hallmark movie with popcorn.

adrienneAdrienne Miklovic

Adrienne Miklovic’s goal is to learn to rejoice in the Lord in the midst of hardship. She takes great comfort from Psalm 139, that God knows her intimately and is in control of all circumstances. Adrienne loves being a mother and grandmother. She also enjoys taking walks with her husband in all sorts of weather, but sunny days are her favorite.

aprilApril Cline

April Cline rejoices that God shows Himself to her in ways she never would have imagined. Though her life has taken some unexpected turns, she has seen God direct her every step. Psalm 28:7 has great meaning for her as it shows how God strengthens and helps her. She enjoys walking her dog on sunny days, while curling up with a cup of coffee and reading a good book is a favorite on rainy days.

bronwynBronwyn Ruscko

Bronwyn Ruczko embodies her topic of living passionately for Christ. She is thankful that all Christians have the same connection to Christ and can abide in Him. John 15 helps her understand that everything leads back to Jesus and apart from Him we can do nothing. On rainy days, she loves doing laundry, enjoying the coziness of taking clothes fresh out of the dryer with her daughter helping to match socks.

wendyWendy Foulke

Wendy Foulke is grateful for God’s faithfulness to His promises as Hebrews 10:23 tells her.  She enjoys being a mother and helping women grow in Christ. On sunny days, Wendy can be found taking walks or bike rides, while rainy days are for reading or writing in front of the fireplace.

cherylCheryl Bayly

Cheryl Bayly takes great comfort from Romans 5:8, where it says that Christ died for us while we were still sinners. She is thankful that He loved us before we were lovable. She is also thankful for her children and grandchildren. Rainy days will find her doing something artistic or creative, and sunny days may find her hiking a slot canyon on one of her many adventures.

marlisaMarlisa Sanchez


rebekahRebekah Kepler

Worship Leader