Friendships can be filled with great joy, but there can be challenges too.  How can our friendships honor God? When we focus on Jesus Christ, the perfect Friend, our relationships with others reflect more of Him and less of us. Come and be astonished by the blessings, assurance, and strength that can be found in God’s good gift of friendship.

Speaker: Wendy Foulke

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Wendy Foulke considers housework as a hobby, if that counts. Wendy is the Women’s Ministry director at Christ The Word, and reading and writing for a blog at is part of her role. As a homeschool mom, she also enjoys reading her children’s writing assignments. Wendy and her husband Dave have four children. One is married and the other three live with them in their Perrysburg home. Wendy’s big fear of spiders, both real and fake, may be the reason she keeps her house so clean.