Speakers & Sessions

Plenary Sessions

Faith Over Fear

Cheryl Bayly

Fear cripples all women. In the first main session, Cheryl will walk through reasons we fear and how we can trust our faithful God instead. During the second session, she will examine how fear can disguise itself and how we can uncover it through the peace that only Jesus gives.

Breakout Sessions

Trusting God in the Big and the Small

Julie Morgan

Our fears come in many different shapes and forms. They may be big, like job loss or cancer, or small, such as car trouble or laundry piles. Julie will encourage us with the truth that God is in control of it all.

Beyond the Fear of Rejection

LeeAnn Thomas

Everyone wants people to like them, but sometimes our search for human approval leads us away from God’s calling. In this session, LeeAnn will share how God has already approved us, and how we can rest in that approval.

Facing Fears in Marriage

Erika Simpson

As wives, many women question themselves: Can I really trust my husband? Will our marriage last? What if we stop loving each other? Erika will take a look at what the Bible has to say about these and other fears related to marriage.

Defeating the What-If's

Judy Cleveland

Life has many uncertainties. What if I can’t find a job out of college?  What if my kids don’t follow the Lord?  What if something terrible happens to my family?  Judy will help us navigate the what-ifs in life by pointing us to God’s faithfulness.

Finding Peace in Spite of our Past

Marlisa Sanchez

Many of us are struggling to escape the shadow of unwise choices and difficult circumstances. Can you really find peace in God? In an interview with Alli Daugherty, Marlisa will share stories from her life, highlighting the forgiveness found in Jesus.

Having Peace in the Midst of Busyness

Aleaha Bayly

It is easy to become frustrated in the hectic rush from one activity to the next. With children, school, work, church, and other responsibilities, life can just be busy. In this session, Aleaha explains through God’s Word how it is possible to have peace in the middle of crazy schedules.

No-Fear Parenting

Sarah DeSonne, Kim Lechman, and Grace Brown

Being a mother comes with its own set of fears.  Listening to these moms share how they’ve depended upon Jesus while parenting will encourage you to trust God with your own fears in parenting.

Real Talk About Depression & Anxiety

Wendy Foulke

Depression and anxiety are somber realities, not always linked to sin. Wendy will take a serious look at these issues, their causes, and how to cope with them. If you or a loved one struggles in this area, come hear what God’s word has to say about it.

Conquering World Fears

Melissa Franklin

With mass shootings, ISIS, hurricanes, and other tragedies, our world can be a scary place to live. How should Christians respond to these crises with faith instead of fear? Melissa will tackle these fears with the truth of God’s Word.

Aging Beautifully

Adrienne Miklovic

In a world that values youth, women may fear the changes that aging brings. Adrienne will help us renew our minds with God’s truth so we can face these changes with a faith-filled perspective. This session may be of particular interest to the forty and older crowd.  


JUDY-C Judy Cleveland

Judy Cleveland is married and has one daughter and six wonderful grandchildren. She enjoys knitting, cooking, and biking at Wildwood with her friends. A former teacher for 26 years, Judy is comfortable speaking in front of large groups of people, however, going to events with lots of people and no assigned seating really intimidates her. Realizing this fear stemmed from focusing on herself and not what she could contribute to the event has helped Judy to overcome it.

ADRIENNE-CAdrienne Miklovic

Adrienne Miklovic is so afraid of being late that any given day she will have six alarms set on her phone to avoid it. As a mother of six and grandmother of four, children’s Sunday school coordinator, Bible study leader, and small group host, Adrienne has many important places to be. This does not stop her from enjoying board games with her kids. She has been married to her husband Matt for 25 years and loves being middle aged.

LEEANN-CLeeAnn Thomas

English teacher, furniture refurbisher, mother of seven and grandmother of three, there isn’t much Michigander LeeAnn Thomas can’t handle.  Yet when it comes to taking care of her children when they get tummy bugs, LeeAnne leaves that to her husband Jeff. God has freed LeeAnn from a rough period of being a people-pleaser, and has given her the strength to let it go and trust Him.

ALEAHA-CAleaha Bayly

Working as a stay-at-home mom with three energetic boys and one baby girl, Aleaha Bayly has done so many house projects with her husband Nathan that she now enjoys them. She also enjoys walking at the park with her family. She is a Bible study leader and helps Nathan with various jobs at Christ the Word. She is intimidated by talking in front of people, but remembering her identity is secure in God helps her to overcome her fear of other people’s opinions.

WENDY-CWendy Foulke

Does housework count as a hobby? If so, Wendy Foulke would add that to her list, along with reading and writing for a blog at reflect-i.com as part of her role as Women’s Ministry director at Christ the Word. As a homeschool mom, she also enjoys reading her children’s writing assignments. Wendy and her husband Dave have four children. One is married and the other three live with them in their Perrysburg home. Wendy’s big fear of spiders, both real and fake, may be the reason she keeps her house so clean.

MARLISA-CMarlisa Sanchez

Marlisa Sanchez is very passionate about whatever she is involved in, be it strength training with her husband, basketball, spoken word poetry, involvement in church, or raising her five children. Marlisa grew up in a small town in Louisiana, and currently lives in Holland. Marlisa and her husband Octavio have been married for nine years. Marlisa likes to bless children with different hair textures with special hairstyles to make them feel beautiful. Because of family health history, Marlisa fears for her children’s mental health, but she trusts that God will preserve them the way he has preserved her.

SARAH-CSarah DeSonne

As a wife, mother of five, and youth group leader at Christ the Word, Sarah DeSonne doesn’t have much time for hobbies, but she enjoys listening to audiobooks while completing daily tasks. She also enjoys taking her kids to the park, doing crafts together, baking and making lots of messes. During the cold Toledo winters, Sarah’s instinct is to keep her children bottled up indoors to prevent them from getting sick. She reminds herself she is not in control of their health and must leave it in the loving hands of God.

MELISSAMelissa Franklin

Melissa Franklin was born and raised in Florence, Alabama. Five years ago, her husband’s job brought them and their three children to Toledo. Although she misses the closeness of her long-term friendships down south, Melissa enjoys the friends she has made here. She likes taking walks at the metro parks and birding with her children. Melissa’s fear of missing appointments sometimes causes her to have bad dreams, such as waking up the day after the re:garding HIM conference, missing it completely.

ERIKA-CErika Simpson

Erika Simpson and her husband Kevin live in Haskins with their eleven children. Having eleven kids was never something Erika planned on doing, but she is grateful for God’s plan and loves the life He has given her. Erika hosts a small group and is involved in women’s Bible studies.  Because the results of the work she does are often not tangible, Erika enjoys quick, artsy projects where the outcomes are clearly visible. Erika fears the dentist saying her children have cavities.

JULIE-CJulie Morgan

By training a clinical nurse, now a homeschooling mother, Julie Morgan has been described as “effervescent”. She is not a true extrovert, however, and needs to steal some moments of alone time. Julie has been married to her husband Darren nearly 18 years. They have six children and one child in heaven. After having 15 teeth pulled, Julie is afraid of the dentist and has to bring along ear buds and medication to get through a routine visit.

CHERYL-CCheryl Bayly

Believe it or not, our main speaker Cheryl Bayly is rather fearful of public speaking. Cheryl will celebrate her 30th wedding anniversary this summer with her husband David, who is senior pastor at Christ the Word. She views her position as pastor’s wife seriously and enjoys meeting with people. With two children at home, and the eldest three married and living within a two-mile radius of their Waterville home, Cheryl does not have far to go to see her ten grandkids, nine of whom are under the age of three. Cheryl enjoys sharing the family traditions with her grandkids. As an art generalist, she enjoys learning new creative skills.

KIM-CKim Lechman

Eating all food with a utensil may seem like too much work for some folks, but it is habit by now for Kim Lechman because she finds the feeling of food on her fingers disgusting. Kim and her husband, Jamie, have been married for 29 years. Their only son, Christopher, recently got engaged to a beautiful future daughter-in-law. Kim enjoys gardening, especially snap peas because they grow up beautiful trellises, and can be eaten straight off the vine. Kim likes hand crafts as well, such as knitting and embroidery.

GRACE-CGrace Brown

Listening to her two-year-old son, Abraham, sing Great is Thy Faithfulness is one of Grace Brown’s favorite activities. Grace and her husband Ryan also have a baby girl who is not yet able to sing. Grace fears raising children in an evil world, but she reminds herself that there has always been evil in the world, and God’s word never changes.  Grace and Ryan were foster parents for two years and were, sadly, unable to adopt the child entrusted to their care, yet they are still open to adopting in the future.  Grace has seen God teaching her through these hard situations.