Main Sessions


Kim Lechman

In our world of distractions and attractions, it can be easy to take our focus off of The self-centered philosophies of the world go against what God’s word teaches. We must put our faith in Christ in order to understand what God’s Word teaches our purpose as a woman should be.


April Cline

God created women with a unique role that is different from the role he gave to men, yet not inferior. God also designed authority for our good, yet we fight against it because we want to decide everything for ourselves. We thrive most when under Godly leadership.


Kim Lechman

God calls us to do our work heartily, for his glory rather than our own. True purpose comes from obedience. God values children, and we should invest in the lives of children, both our own physical children and spiritual children God has placed in our sphere of influence.


April Cline

God expects us to live for others, not ourselves. Jesus was our perfect example of this. We are called to serve in practical ways and practice hospitality. Unity with other believers can grow when we humbly let go of offenses and love others.

FLOWER 1Breakout Sessions

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Defending Life

Abbi Bellas

God’s Word is clear that all life is valuable and that we have a responsibility to defend the defenseless. We are also called to love those who have had abortions and help women who face unexpected pregnancies. Come discover ways that you can put these truths into action and make a difference for the cause of Life.

The Ups and Downs of Social Media

Jennifer Clark

Social media has affected and changed our society greatly – particularly in the area of interpersonal relationships. We continue to embrace it despite the growing evidence of its detrimental effects. In this session we’ll examine our motives for connecting digitally, explore how we can balance the helpful aspects of social media while setting healthy boundaries, and determine how we can honor God in our tweets and posts.

Dealing with Grief

Grace Brown

Seasons of trial and grief batter and shake us all. What a comfort to know that God has us in His hands and that He is always faithful. Join us as we discuss how we can hold fast to God during our darkest times and actually see our faith strengthened and deepened in the midst of heartache.

How to Study the Bible

Julie VanWormer

God’s Word was written for us! Studying it is a privilege and a blessing that takes practice and has challenges. This session will cover how to get started, basic study tools and techniques, and strategies to maintain consistency and accountability. During the session we’ll use what we’ve learned to unpack and study a Scripture passage together.

Prayer with Purpose

Diane Walls

The Bible portrays prayer as a conversation with God that results in all kinds of good things. We are nourished and transformed, our prayers are used to advance God’s will, and our eyes are open to His work in the world. It is a valuable component of the Christian life that is often overlooked. In this session we’ll discuss how to develop and sustain a vibrant prayer life.

Handy Helps for the Home

Allison Daugherty

Whether you are in the workforce or at home with your family, managing your time and responsibilities is a challenging feat. It can be difficult to prioritize what to do next, let alone accomplish it. This talk will examine Biblical principles to guide your decisions about how to use your time. You will hear practical ideas and organizational tips for balancing the many things on your plate.

Purposing To Heal

Rachele Mickel

Relationships are hard. People hurt us and we hurt them. Our natural response in these times typically leads to more of the same. But thankfully that does not have to be our story. Come hear how we can abound in forgiveness and humility as we seek God and His Word during times of tension with those around us.

Understanding God's Will

Julie Morgan

Some decisions are hard to discern – even if we are immersed in God’s Word and seeking Him in prayer. Should I follow this or that career path?  Pursue a particular relationship? Make a major purchase? In this session we’ll look at principles Scripture teaches us to determine God’s path for us when the way forward is unclear.